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Are we working now?

Hi guys!

Cause of russian full scale invasion of Ukraine 24.02.2022 a lot of people had to leave their homes and flee out of country. Unfortunately, I am not an exception. Me from the distance and my friend and assistant who stayed in Kyiv are sending ZVOLI left stocks. I hope soon we will be able to make clothes again and be as productive as before and even more. 


We are shipping with Ukrainian national postal service - UkrPoshta all over the world (except of russia), also using USPS for delivery to USA and Canada and DHL Express for Europe.

According to this document since 1th of June there are no import duties from Ukraine to EU .


At this moment o have no possibilities for any types of collaborations, I am very sorry. A soon as I stabilize my working process, I hope, I’ll be able to make like commercial collabs so artistic ones.

ZVOLI designer